Plagge Document Depository


Primary Source Documents

Summary of Plagge Case for Yad Vashem Reviewers

Plagge Denazification File  (Original German) or English

Memoirs of Perella Esterowicz

Memoirs of Samuel Esterowicz

Memoirs of William Good

Bill Begell’s Testimony to Yad Vashem

Pearl Good’s Testimony to Yad Vashem

Testimony of the Reches Brothers

Testimony of Mark and Anna Balber

Testimony of Moses Feigenberg

Letters Written By Karl Plagge

Letters Written by Karl Plagge to his wife Anke in June 1944 (German & English)

Letters Written by Karl Plagge to the Greisdorf Family in 1948 (German & English)

Letters Written by Karl Plagge to Attorney Stauss in 1956 (German & English)

Letters written by Karl Plagge to Pastor Mochalski regarding religion  (German & English)

HKP Letters (1944 Correspondance between Major Plagge and the SS showing his efforts to save the Jewish women and children in his camp. Comments by Joerg Fiebelkorn) (English)

Essays and Lectures  by Joerg Fiebelkorn

Over eleven years, my late friend and collaborator Joerg Fiebelkorn had written and lectured extensively about the significance of the story of Karl Plagge and the Jews of HKP, especially as they relate to a military perspective of this history

“Karl Plagge – Struggle for Life” An analysis of Plagge’s methods of protecting Jewish workers from the SS. (English)

HKP Survivor Interviews

(Interview notes of conversations between Michael Good & HKP survivors emailed to members of the Plagge research group)

Harry S Interview

Martin & Liza T Interview

Molly K Interview

Isaac Reches Notes

Morris P Interview

Sidney H Interview

Mira T Interview

Paul S Interview

Newspaper Articles Regarding the Plagge Story

The New York Times 60 Years Later, Honoring an Unlikely Hero of the Holocaust (English)

Associated Press Article on Karl Plagge (English)

Hartford Courant Article (English)

Der Spiegel Article on Karl Plagge (German) or  (English)

Marianne Viefhaus’ Article on Karl Plagge (German)  or  (English)

Frankfurter Rundschau Article (German)  or (English)

Plagge Story in Norwegian Newspaper (Norwegian)

Documents Related to the Testimony of Alfons von Deschwanden

Over the course of 18 months during 2005 and 2006, I was able to interview HKP 562 veteran Alfons von Deschwanden with the help of his daughter Irmgard. His testimony has given us the opportunity to see the war through the eyes of a former 19 year old draftee who served under Major Plagge. His story is told in the Second edition of The Search For Major Plagge in both the English and German editions. For those who are interested in seeing primary documents, I have gathered materials related to his testimony for further study.