Gallery of Some of Those Saved By

Karl Plagge


The tragic story of the Holocaust in Vilna still touches us today. Out of 100,000 Jews living in and around Vilna Poland in June 1941 when the Nazis occupied their city, only 2000 would survive the slaughter of the ensuing three years of genocide. The largest group of survivors of the Holocaust in Vilna was found at the HKP labor camp on Subocz run by Karl Plagge and his HKP 562 unit. Even with the help of Plagge and some of his men, only 250 out of the original 1250 camp prisoners survived until liberation. Almost 90% of the camps 250 children were taken and killed by the SS during the infamous “Kinder Aktion” of March 27, 1944 and 750 of the remaining 1000 camp residents were killed by the SS during the final liquidation of the camp after the German retreat began on July 3, 1944. Nonetheless, due to Karl Plagge’s protection from 1941- 1944, his granting of life saving work permits, his supply of extra food, his formation of the Subocz street camp just before the liquidation of the Vilna ghetto, and his warning on July 1, 1944 that the SS execution squads were coming to the camp, 250 Jews from the camp ultimately survived the war. They represent the single largest group of Jewish survivors from the Holocaust in Vilna.

Below are photos of some of the HKP survivors, as well as links to some of their testimony about their experiences during the war.

Saved By Karl Plagge

April 8, 2005 photo at Beit Vilna, Tel Aviv of children survivors of HKP


Samuel & Eda Esterowicz

Pearl Good circa 1946

Testimony for Yad Vashem

Simon Malkes

Bill Begell

Testimony to Yad Vashem


Sam Bak

To the Memory of Karl Plagge by Sam Bak

Moses Feigenberg

Testimony of Moses Feigenberg at trial of Martin Weiss

Samuel, Gary and Nina Gerstein


            Greisdorf Family in Stuttgart in 1948                                                Rachel Kloch & Eliezar Greisdorf


Lazar  Greisdorf 1946 (Left) and with sister-in-law Phyllis Greisdorf in 2005

Testimony of Lazar Greisdorf


Jacob and Isaac Reches

Testimony of Jacob Reches

Michael Shemiavitz


                                                            Rabbi Kalmen Farber


Simcha Ben Shaul, Israel